Monday, November 16, 2015

Day 14, 15, 16 prompt #BookBLogwrimo2015

14 – What role do books play in your life?
15 – Author Buddies 
16 – Blog Tours, independent reviewing 

I'm playing catch up  as you can see, I had a very busy weekend and couldn't log in and write these so please excuse the clutter!

Day 14: Books make up a huge part of who I am. I learned to discover various topics: history, science, education, myths and legends through my reading as a young girl. My curiosity and love of education was really influenced by my local library and all the wonders it held. I learned about the world through these books and they became my teacher! I have lived many lives thanks to these books and have realized a lot about my likes and dislikes through what I read. 

Day 15: I currently do not have an author buddy! :( Not yet other than the usual J.K. Rowlings-Pottermore site!!!

Day 16: I have yet to participate in a blog tour. I tried earlier this year but for some reason the blog tour didn't come through. I am very excited to participate in one this December and am trying to become more involved in blog tours. I typically review books on my own schedule. Months ago I did too much and ended up burning out because I did not have a schedule for reading and reviewing. This time around I am taking my time and really respecting my limits. 

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