Hello I usually review:

new/aspiring/indie authors

Genre: varies, although I love horror, paranormal, thrillers, action, [anything involving zombies, monsters, cryptocreatures] chicklit and sometimes romance.

The only thing I ask for in return is to please follow/like my NEW social media accounts which will also help promote to more people. My last accounts got hacked and I did not have a back up.



How do I request a book review?

WHEN SUBMISSION IS OPEN--If you would like to request a book review please fill out my Google form and enter all the necessary information . You can also include some author information at the end of the form.

How do I know if you have accepted my request?

It may take me a little while to respond back however I will only send you a message if I have decided to read your book. I try to respond to all my messages and politely decline however I am finding that responding back in a timely manner to everyone is hard.

Should I send you my file online when I send my request?

Please don't! I don't want you to send me your book if I have not confirmed that I have accepted your review.

Can I resubmit a request later?

Yes! Unless I sent you a specific message that states why I cannot review your book please send me another request in a few months.

Do I have to pay something?

Nope, reading is my passion and I'm always looking for an opportunity to discover a new story to fall in love with. I want to support new/aspiring/indie authors and help promote their work. I will not delete the review on my site and you can share the link with whoever you want.

If you are interested in an expedited book review then we need to speak separately about it.

Do you review ebooks or just print book?

Both! I own a Kindle and like hard copies also. However I prefer ebooks for reviewing.

What is your turn around time?

It really depends on how long the book is and my time. I am a graduate student, work a full time job AND a part time job, am a fur baby mommy so I can get busy. I recommend authors check out my Goodreads queue to see what  I am currently reading and what is on (TO-READ) [currently NOT updated]

What is your format like? How come it changes sometimes?

I try to keep my formatting consistent however there are times that I will change it up depending on the book. Sometimes I'll focus on different things instead of the normal: OVERALL, BAD, GOOD. For the most part I will use that format but yes it is possible that I won't find a whole bunch of bad things or at least worth mentioning so I may leave it out.


Rating Scale:
5 stars: I loved it

4 stars: I really liked it

3 stars: I liked it

2 stars: It was OK

1 star: I did not like it

Note: If I do rate a book lower than a 3 that does not mean that it is a terrible book you should burn it and it should never see the light of day again. It merely means this book did not interest ME and it didn't tune in well to what I look for in a story. I do still ask readers to take a quick look and see if perhaps the book may catch their attention.


Book spotlights are books that I showcase on the sidebar of the site. For the price of $5.00 I leave your book cover (linked to your Amazon page) along with a short blurb for one full week.

You can find more information on this Fiverr gig here.


Fill out the Book Show Case form here

A book showcase is FREE however you MUST provide all the required information for it to be considered. A show case is a post that includes a media release (if you have one).
-Information about the book
-Q & A with author can also be included
-Photos if you would like included

Policy and Disclaimer:

Please note I am very busy I try and get to every single request however it can take months. Please be patient if I cannot get to your book review please resubmit at a later time. 

I have the right to decline a request, I usually tell the author why I cannot commit to reading and writing a review (queues, length, time constraints, genre ect). You can send in a reading request 3x for a book if it has been declined once. 

To authors: I will never attempt to sell an ARC copy of your book!



The books you find here are either bought, gifted by someone including but not limited to (authors, publishers, friends etc) in exchange for an honest review.The reviews I write on here are based on MY experience in reading the book. My opinion will not be biased and belong to me and what I truly thought about the book.

At this time I am not receiving any sort of compensation for any reviews, if however that were to change a note will be added both here and on the post with a *

"as of December 1, 2009, new FTC Guidelines state that bloggers receiving any kind of compensation should disclose that information on their blog when positing a review of the product".