I want to submit my book for a review? How do I do it?

I am currently accepting new submissions. Head over to the policy page for more information.

I submitted a book review centuries ago! Why isn't my review up yet?!

I sincerely apologize for the delay and lack of reviews! I have chose not to accept any new submissions for a while so that I could catch up with my long TBR list. My Goodreads account is NOT updated I will update it as soon as possible.

How much are book reviews?

Book reviews are FREE, please check out the policy page for more information on book reviews and book spotlights.

What are book spotlights?

I was asked a while back through my work on other sites about book spotlights. I have chosen to add book spotlights on The Sweet LC as a Fiverr Gig. Please check out the policy page for more information.

Why did you go away?!

I received many wonderful messages from concerned readers about my lack of blogging. I am always overwhelmed with love and am in awe at the wonderful book blogging community. I love you all very much! I have been very busy with what will hopefully be my last difficult semester of school. I was also working on other sites doing lots of behind the scenes. I have chosen to update The Sweet LC after working and talking to other book bloggers about new ideas. Although I have not blogged for a couple of months I have been reading so I am hoping to add many new entries soon!

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