Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Book Review: Jabberwock Jack: (Nowak Brothers 2)


Mikkel and Szandor are back! Everyone's favorite monster hunters return for a new adventure, and this time it's a monster that's bigger than they have ever dealt with before! While on a routine job in the city's underground tunnels, they stumble on a creature thought lost for years. They are then invited to join a hastily assembled team of hunters going underground to try to kill the enormous serpent. Delving deeper into the dark tunnels than they have ever gone before, Mikkel and Szandor find themselves searching for this massive beast in dark overflow tunnels and the endless labyrinth under New Avalon. But creatures beneath the city are not their only problem. Soon tensions begin running high among the assembled hunters, threatening to derail the mission and put them all in danger. Will they succeed, or will they fall prey to the gigantic monster known as Jabberwock Jack?

I loved this sequel! If you have not read the first book please do! Any monster lover will absolutely love these two books. I had the chance to read and review the first book earlier this year and rated it 4/5. This second book is great and definitely deserves 5/5. There was a lot more character development in this book and the story is well written and progressed at a good pace. 


I wouldn't necessarily consider this a bad thing because I'm sure many readers like extra detail, background, and insight. However I am a very impatient reader and like to get to the next scene as soon as possible so a lot of the main character's inner thoughts and arguments with others don't appeal to me as much. 


I normally don't praise a book as much however this really was a good book and for a brief moment really made me nervous about the fate of one particular character. I like the sudden twists in certain parts of the story and the overall ending. The author did a good job editing, formatting the book and taking the time to make sure certain details were looked at (chapter names, spacing, paragraphs). Details like these although small make a big difference for the reader especially on Kindle.

Recommend for:
-Monster lovers (zombies, ghouls, etc)
-Like action and thrilling scenes
-Fun read

5 stars: I loved it!

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