Thursday, November 19, 2015

Book Review: Primal Stand


It has been twenty long years since his encounter. Its eyes, its smell, its presence, they're all ingrained in a mind that won't let him forget. The night he met the Sasquatch was one that changed his life forever, although for better or worse he's never been certain. When a film crew shows up in his small British Columbia town requesting his help finding the creature that has come to define his life, the opportunity seems too good to turn down. Though one question still remains: does he actually want to find it again?


Josh's debut book is great! It's about Bigfoot!! There were a lot of things that were surprisingly good. I didn't find a lot of the mistakes that I find with some self published books that I review. When I initially looked at its length I worried a little bit considering it was only 34 pages. I was wrong, the writer did a great job in the short amount that he wrote. The story was overall great and in that short length managed to get me [the reader] engaged in the story. I'm very happy I picked this book up! 


I honestly couldn't think of many bad things, like I said I'm very surprised considering this is a debut book. The first few pages had a lot of extra descriptive words but not necessarily a bad thing. I'm not so sure if I like the cover (yes I am looking at the cover also). The cover doesn't seem to very eye catching. What got me to want to read this book was the actual blurb, the cover seems a little amateurish (maybe the only thing).


The writing was great! The story progressed well and jumped into several scenes right away that kept me interested. I really am surprised, not many of the books I've read that are so short do such a good job at wrapping an entire story up. This book had a proper ending as well which I usually don't find at least for shorter books (usually end with a cliff hanger). I also love monsters and anything cryptic so the Bigfoot focus really interested me. The format on the Kindle was great, which to me is very important! I really liked this book and hope that the author decides to publish another one. Clearly the author has talent if he was able to write a short book with so much detail, suspense, and action.  

4 stars: I really liked it

Recommend for:
-Bigfoot lovers
-Short fun read

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