Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Book Review: Curfew


Trick or Treat, 
Eternal sleep, 
If you make a promise to Mary you don't keep... 

One the eve of Halloween, four teenagers will discover just how deadly keeping Mary out past her curfew can be. If you can't keep your word to Mary, you'll lose your soul.

I want to reiterate that just because I rate a book 3 or below does not mean that it is not a good book! It merely means that I PERSONALLY did not enjoy it as much as I normally would have compared to other stories. The book was not by any means bad, it was just not what I had hoped for. There were a few things I did not like and wish that the writer would have taken more time to develop. The writing itself is alright, I did like that the formatting was done correctly and the editing was good. I did not find typos like I normally do in the books I review. I did like the cover! It was a good mix of fright and shows the clock which is the backbone of the whole story.

I did not like the characters at all! I especially hated one the main characters, I know the writer wrote it in a way that the reader might feel pity for her later on when the story of what is tormenting them is revealed. However I found the MC annoying and did not like the supporting characters either. The supporting character's attitude/opinion would dramatically change out of nowhere. The characters didn't seem well developed.  I did not like the ending, I won't spoil it for you but I wish it wouldn't have taken such a unrealistic turn. Let's just say no one in their right mind would have done what the other MC does at the end of this book. It kind of lacked depth and the very last sentence seemed out of place. I'm not sure if the author intended it to be humorous however it did take away from the previous scene. The last line didn't leave a lasting impression.

The overall story is interesting, as a fan of horror I did find this story suspenseful and thrilling. I like the 'entity' that the story focuses and and the explanation it gives of its origin. I really liked the length of the book, it was short enough for me to finish quickly. I LOVE Halloween themed books and especially love horror books so I liked the setting and the time that it takes place at. The author at the ends includes a small note about an upcoming anthology/collection. I wouldn't mind taking a look and reading other stories.

3 stars: I liked it

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