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Floor 21 Book Review-BookTour

Hello and welcome to the Floor 21 book tour stop here at The Sweet Little Corner!

About the book:

by Jason Luthor

Release Date: June 2nd 2015


As humanity lives out the remainder of its existence at the top of an isolated apartment tower, young Jackie dares to question Tower Authority and their ban on traveling into the tower's depths. Intelligent and unyielding, Jackie ventures into the shadows of the floors below. But will her strong will and refusal to be quiet—in a society whose greatest pride is hiding the past—bring understanding of how humanity became trapped in the tower she has always called home, or will it simply be her undoing?

About the author:

Jason Luthor has spent a long life writing for sports outlets, media companies and universities. 

His earliest writing years came during his coverage of the San Antonio Spurs as an affiliate with the Spurs Report and its media partner, WOAI Radio. He would later enjoy a moderate relationship with Blizzard Entertainment, writing lore and stories for potential use in future games. At the academic level he has spent several years pursuing a PhD in American History at the University of Houston, with a special emphasis on Native American history.

His inspirations include some of the obvious; The Lord of the Rings and Chronciles of Narnia  are some of the most cited fantasy series in history. However, his favorite reads include the Earthsea Cycle, the Chronicles of Prydain, as well as science fiction hits such as Starship Troopers and Do Androids dream of Electric Sheep?

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I finished Floor 21 in about three hours, I couldn't stop reading it. The story isn't long and became a quick fun read for me. The overall story is great, I liked the narration and way the story was told through different perspectives. The first chapter really got me going and asking lots of questions like: how did everyone end up on the tower, where did the Creep come from and what the heck is going on outside the tower?! I love stories like these, the types of stories that immediately draw you in and have you asking lots of questions and reading more to find answers.

The setting of this book is creepy and interesting, the tower is huge and has plenty of unexplored areas. The Creep is so mysterious it makes you want to know more about what it is and how it got to the tower in the first place.

Besides the overall plot and setting the characters were very likable. The main character Jackie is a curious teenager who does not abide by the rules like everyone else. She's a rebel and is determined to discover more about the tower, the people that live in it and the Creep. I personally enjoy strong willed characters and Jackie is a great example of that. The author did a great job introducing the rest of the characters and explaining much of their behavior towards the end of the book.

The narration in my opinion is what really made this story good. The reader gets an insight into what that character is experiencing at the time and then through another POV relates back to something that happened to the first POV. Towards the end of the first POV I freaked out a bit thinking that I wasn't going to find out what happened to the first narrator.

I was very satisfied with the ending, I think the author did a great job setting the stage for a second book (which I do look forward to). I would love to read more about Jackie's adventures and learn more about the many mysteries of the tower. This was a great book and I'm glad I got the chance to read it. I recommend it and give it a 5/5!!!

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